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2020 to 2021 The Changing Landscape for Employment, Insurance and Lending

1:02:23How will raising mental health issues, and substance abuse issues impact employers in an accommodation perspective?

While mental health issues in the workplace have been a concern for some time, this past year, COVID-19 has shown the challenges employees are facing have spiked dramatically.  Hear from Jason Tremblay on how this will impact both employers and their employees in the video.

0:14:49 - Is the automatic forgiveness for PPP Loans under $150k, what does it mean for businesses if their loans didn’t exceed $150k?

Stephen Ball from Fifth Third discusses automatic forgiveness for PPP loans under $150k and what it means for businesses.

0:19:39 - For a business owner, can you mandate that your employees take a vaccine?

Small businesses will face an array of new issues in 2021. Hear Jason Tremblay, a partner at SEAL, discuss how a vaccine will impact small businesses and their employees and insights on how employers will need to navigate issues related to both vaccines and testing.

0:37:00 - If this new stimulus package passes, what advice do you have for companies to be ready for a new stimulus?

Hear Stephen Ball from Fifth Third talk about the new stimulus package and how companies can get ready to apply for relief.




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