Occupational Licensing Reform Passes Senate 55-0

Obtaining a license to do business in Illinois should not create unnecessary barriers for entrepreneurs or be an overly burdensome process. The number of businesses subjected to this state oversight has increased exponentially since the 1950s when licensing was limited to a small number of professions. Today, an Illinois state license is now required for hundreds of occupations, nearly one quarter of Illinois’ workforce. While public health and safety must come first, new licenses should not be created unless they are necessary to protect the safety and welfare of the public.  New licenses that are established by the legislature should also be crafted in the least restrictive manner to achieve its objectives. Ultimately, we support a holistic approach to reform that includes: (1) stricter sunset reviews, taking into account economic impacts of licensing (2) creation of sunrise reviews for proposed occupational licenses (3) increase of vocational training in grade school public education (4) increased reciprocity for workers looking to relocated to Illinois and (5) criminal justice reform.

As a strong first step, during the 100th General Assembly, the SBAC supported HB5212, an IDFPR initiative know as the Sunrise Review Act. HB5212 sought to provide legislators with a process to receive information and analysis from independent parties regarding whether a new license is warranted, the reasons for the license, how it will impact the economy and how to craft necessary licenses in the least restrictive way to ensure it is effective. This legislation passed the Illinois House of Representatives on April 25, 2018. It was not brought up for consideration in the Senate.

During the 101st General Assembly, this SBAC-backed legislation was introduced as SB1756. On April 10th, this bill unanimously passed in the Senate by a vote of 55-0 with overwhelming bi-partisan support! The bill will now to go to House for consideration. Thank you to the bi-partisan effort of Sen. Bertino-Tarrant & Sen. Plummer for working with us in the Senate.

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