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OCTOBER 6, 2023

Lakeview Lofts

3701 N Ravenswood Ave, Chicago, IL 60613

Spiele / Games


stein holding

Commonly known as the stein holding contest, this challenge of wills is exactly as it sounds. Each person holds a 5.5 lb liter mug filled with water out in front of them. One in each hand and no spilling allowed. Outlast the competition and claim the special maßkrug prize for yourself!

Bozo Buckets

Bozo Buckets

A Chicago classic. Six buckets lined up in a row. Players are challenged to successfully toss the ping pong into each bucket. If you make it? Reach into our bag of prizes and reap your reward!!

Beer Pong

Beer Pong

Well, it is Oktoberfest, and beer is the common theme. Not going to lie - this one scares me a little. 🙂 Proposed by our awesome Games committee - check in to see if you can beat the SBAC Board masters at this game.

German Spelling Bee

german words

We all know German isn't the easiest of languages. And to be fair - spelling German words is oftentimes a nightmare. But it sure is fun to try!!  Grab your dry erase board and give it a shot.  See if you can outsmart Patti and Scott. 🙂

Chicken Dance

chicken dance

Oktoberfest would not be complete without music and dance... especially the Chicken Dance. You may already be familiar with this one, so get ready to flap your wings and shake your butts to this Oktoberfest classic! We want everyone to participate in this silly dance to maximize fun!


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